To start this blog it seems fit to talk first about the power of words.  This power has been acknowledged in the Eastern traditions for millenia. Mantras have been used as meditation tools to raise our consciousness.  Mantras are mystical energy encased in sound and each sound contains specific power.  Sound has the power to create images, forms, ideas and emotions.  Swami Vishnudevananda used to say that if you hear the word “snake!” your immediate reaction is fear, but if you hear the word “love!”, for example, your mind attunes with the energy of that word.  Sound has a powerful effect not only on our psyche but on all living beings, including plants and wild beasts.

First there is the sound, the seed of matter.  “In the beginning there was the word…” and then creation started.  But what was before the sound?  In the Hindu cosmology the Puranas describe the cyclical nature of the universe.  One day of Brahma, the creator, lasting about 4,320,000,000 years, is followed by one night when Brahma sleeps.  When Brahma comes out of its slumber there is a stirring, a fluctuation, a wave and Brahma thinks of its creation.  Then there is an explosion of energy, of sound (the Big Bang?) and then matter and form come into manifestation.

Sages from all traditions, in their deep meditations, have realised that we are a microcosm of the universe.  Aren’t we then continously creating, from the moment we have our first thought when waking up in the morning, and then manifesting those thoughts into words and actions?  If that power of creation is wihin us then we have to acknowledge the responsibility we have to say words, the expression of our thoughts,  that raise our consciousness and that of others  Of course, we don’t have to, we are always free to choose.  Only our own experience and reflection will determine our way of being.  “Speak kind words!” said Master Sivananda because words can heal and console but they can also destroy. Millions of words are being spilled at this moment through the internet, sensational words, hurtful words, informative words, slandering words, etc…  and very little thought is given, perhaps, to the impact they produce.  Again because the power of words is so potent we need to be aware of how we use them.

Hopefully, in this blog I will use words in a responsibie manner, respectful of my readers and grateful of having the opportunity to share them with you.

It is my wish that my words inpire my readers to reflect on the many spiritual issues that we may have in common!


About suryasanmiguel

I'm a Yoga teacher and educator. I was born in Madrid, Spain and came to Canada in the 70's to study but remained here. I received a degree in Education from McGill University. In my student's years I had the good fortune of meeting my Zen teacher, Roshi Phillip Kapleau and I studied with him for 15 years attending numerous retreats. In 1988 I was also very fortunate to meet Swami Vishnudevananda at the Sivananda Yoga Camp in Quebec where I became a certified Yoga teacher My interest in Budhism and Hinduism also led me to meet several Tibetan Lamas and study their teachings and traditions. I live presently in Montreal, Canada but travel frequently teaching Yoga and giving workshops and lectures on spiritual related topics.
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