monkeyMy little mind has been running the show for a very long time. Like a spoiled child she believes to be the center of the universe and tries to control it unsuccessfully. She makes me do foolish things and rarely listens to the wise counsel of big Mind.

Unaware of her power she can manifest paradises and hells whimsically and plunge me in the deepest despair or elevate me to heavenly realms.  Sometimes she appears like a wild beast lurking in the darkness ready to catch me unaware. Then I am at her mercy and have vivid dreams of old stories I thought forgiven and forgotten long time ago. At other times she is  sweet and loving but, unpredictably, she can lash out with anger, greed or jealousy at any moment. Like a magician she shape-shifts into scary monsters or mesmerizing gods but as soon as I fall in love with them she breaks the spell.

My little mind is always busy like a hyperactive monkey who never stops chattering. I have kept company with this mind for a long time and know that she does not like to be crossed  or ignored so when I want to calm her I listen patiently without rejection, approval or judgement.  I just wait quietly and then…  in  those intimate moments she allows me to take a peak at the treasure she hides jealously in my heart and that is when we become the best of friends.









About suryasanmiguel

I'm a Yoga teacher and educator. I was born in Madrid, Spain and came to Canada in the 70's to study but remained here. I received a degree in Education from McGill University. In my student's years I had the good fortune of meeting my Zen teacher, Roshi Phillip Kapleau and I studied with him for 15 years attending numerous retreats. In 1988 I was also very fortunate to meet Swami Vishnudevananda at the Sivananda Yoga Camp in Quebec where I became a certified Yoga teacher My interest in Budhism and Hinduism also led me to meet several Tibetan Lamas and study their teachings and traditions. I live presently in Montreal, Canada but travel frequently teaching Yoga and giving workshops and lectures on spiritual related topics.
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  1. Jim Brosious says:

    The saboteur is knocking at my door He comes around now and again Why do you come All is well, all is fine I have love, I have bliss Why do you come You’re not invited You’re not my friend Why do you come I know you too well Yet I let you in, again and again Why do you come Today will be different We will talk, I will listen I know why you have come To seed clouds of uncertainty and despair Happiness and joy lost in the storm Now you must go For Gratitude, Truth and Love Will show the way

    H W

    Thank you, Jim Brosious


  2. Sumi Nath says:

    Beautifully explained the complex mind in simple words..thanks for sharing 🙂

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